1. Why Rep Locations?
Rep Locations is a location scouting company that acts as an intermediary between property owners and production companies, photographers and event planners who are looking for a suitable location. Registering your property with us is easy and has many advantages.
The best professionals trust our experience in finding the perfect location for film and television productions, photographic shoots and events. We make sure that everything runs smoothly from day one and stay on top of the production process with a constant follow-up, so that we can clarify any doubts or questions that you may have.

2. What do we do at Rep Locations?
When Rep Locations manages a property:
(a) We get you the best price for your property in every production. Prices vary according to the type of work, but it's normally a negotiated sum per each day of production. Extra days may be needed to set up and clean up, and these pay half of a normal production day.
(b) We draft the contract and, if needed, your receipts or invoices.
(c) We coordinate the visits to your property with the interested parties. Be advised that there may be a few of these, but seldom more than three.
(d) We only do business with highly regarded production companies, photographic studios and event planning agencies, a collaborative relationship based on years of experience and fruitful work. Our customers have the guarantee that their properties are in good hands.
(e) We make sure that the contract terms are met during the production, photo shoot or event.
(f) We manage payments and insurance. Before production begins, we will provide our clients with a policy of civil liability insurance and the proof that the payment has been made.

3. What do I have to do if my property is registered in Rep Locations?
If you'd like us to manage your property, we kindly ask a few things from you.
(a) Owners must inform us of any availability changes in their properties; for instance, if they decide to hire or sell.
(b) Owners must inform us of changes in the property itself such as renovations, remodeling or redecoration —we would need to take new pictures in order to keep our database up to date.
(c) Once the terms and conditions of a contract have been approved, owners can't cancel the agreement or back up at the last minute, as such an action would cause considerable damage to the production company or agency in charge of the production.
(d) Owners should be willing to allow as many visits to their properties as may be required, understanding that such visits constitute no guarantee that their properties will be chosen for a production.

4. How much money can I make?
Prices vary enormously according to the type of production and the nature of the property. A photo session, for instance, pays differently than filmmaking. You can potentially earn anything between 600 € and 6000 € per day of work.
Generally, productions take one or two days, but film and TV shoots —and sometimes events— may require more than that ; but always with the owner's consent.

5. What kind of locations do your clients seek?
Every sort of property may be suitable for a production. Our clients ask for a wide range of styles and spaces: offices, villas, mansions, student apartments, warehouses, restaurants, etc.
A space with a distinct personality will always stand out among others.

Minimum requirements:
An area between 80 m2 and 100 m2 is the required minimum for a production crew to work comfortably.
Film and video productions require a nearby parking space for cargo vehicles and power generators.
In the case of film shoots with live sound recording, the property must be located in a zone free of loud noises, such as planes, trains, heavy traffic and so on.

5. How do I present my property?
Registering your property with us is free.
If you include photographs when registering your property, make sure that the included images are in JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF format. The total size of the files should not exceed 8 MB.

We need both exterior and interior photographs of your property.
The pictures should show a general view of the space. It's usually better to take the pictures from the corners of rooms. Image quality matters, as it helps to promote your property and show it in a favorable light.
If you don't have quality photographs of your property, our photographer will make a full photographic report, at no cost.

7. What should I expect if my property is chosen?
The production crews that work in your property are made up by professionals who are used to take care of the work space. Regardless of the type of production, we guarantee that your property will be cleaned up in order to leave it as it was before the production began.
Here follows a brief explanation of what happens when your property is chosen.

Film and video recording (advertising, movies, TV):
Work days last about 12 hours, but on occasion the production requires overtime, to be paid separately at a prearranged rate. Production crews consist of approximately 30 people —including tech crews, actors and clients— but this number may vary according to the type of production.
Every audiovisual production requires cargo vehicles to carry personnel, equipment and power generators.

Photo shoots:
Work days last between 8 and 10 hours, including preparation and setting up. Typical crews consist of anything between 8 and 15 people —that includes the tech crew and the models.
This type of production don't usually require cargo vehicles.

Events encompass many different activities: media events, corporate parties, conventions, exclusive dinners, etc.
Normally, it takes one day to set up and decorate before the event happens. For this type of production, the location of your property plays a major role.

8. How do you protect my property?
Our experience has shown that productions and events seldom cause property damage. However, to cover against any such damage, we provide our clients with a policy of civil and public liability insurance.
It's important that you quickly notify us of any incident so that we can solve it as soon as possible.