About us

10 years experience

REPLOCATIONS is an agency with over 10 years experience in the search for perfect solutions for any type of audiovisual production.

Production of feature films, commercials, television shows, photographers, events and advertising agencies use our services and professionalism.

On this page you can Search for a location and Register your property.

What do we offer?

Our agency offers a comprehensive and updated database of locations of high quality, put together by a team of the best Spanish locators.

We manage all kinds of permissions: municipalities, autonomous regions, parks, roads, etc.

We organize all kinds of unique events.

Production services

And all backed by our expertise.


All locations are subject to data protection law and archived on our server with all security guarantees. All properties are registered by a code and references will be get with the owner consent.

Featured Locations

Representative class...
Representative classic style mansion with luxurious halls.
Rustic traditional s...
Rustic traditional style country house.
Representative indus...
Representative industrial warehouse. 1920´s style singular space.