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They can rent your property one or several days. This will depend on the type of shooting.

The days usually last around 12 hours, but sometimes extra hours are needed, which would be paid separately based on a previously agreed rate.

The teams are usually made up of 30 people, including a technical team, actors and a client, but that figure varies a lot depending on the type and size of the production.

Audiovisual productions often require the movement of cargo vehicles to transport the material and the generator set.

The days last between 8 and 12 hours, which includes preparation and assembly. In this type of production, the teams are smaller, being able to gather from 8 to 15 people between the technical team and models.

Heavy vehicles are not usually used in this type of production.

Very diverse spaces are required for all kinds of events and promotional acts: presentations to the press, company parties, conventions, exclusive dinners, etc. are common.

Normally, it is necessary to decorate the space one day before the event. For this type of production, the area in which your property is located plays a considerable role.

The teams of people who work on your property during production are made up of professionals used to taking care of the workspace. Whatever the type of production, we guarantee that, once the work is finished, the necessary collection and cleaning tasks will be carried out to leave your property as it was before the production.

Before any production, Rep Locations will be in charge of drafting the contract with your data and sending you a copy of the civil liability insurance contracted by the client

Rep Locations S.L. is a location agency for film, television and advertising shoots that acts as an intermediary between property owners and production companies, photographers and event agencies looking for a space or natural setting to carry out their work. Registering your property with us is easy and will bring you great advantages.

The best professionals trust our experience when it comes to finding the ideal location for audiovisual productions, photo shoots and events. We make sure that everything works perfectly during production and we do constant follow-ups to be able to clarify any doubts that may arise.

  • Get the best price for your property in each production. Prices vary depending on the type of work, but an amount per production day is usually negotiated. The rates for assembly and collection days (if they are necessary as separate days) are usually half of a normal production day.
  • Draft the contract
  • Coordinate visits to your property with the production companies; Keep in mind that there can be several, although usually not more than three.
  • Offer our clients all the necessary guarantees. We only work with publishers, production companies, photography agencies, advertising agencies and events of recognized prestige, a collaboration based on trust reinforced by years of joint work.
  • Ensure that the conditions agreed upon in the contract are met during the production days.
  • Ensure payment before the start of production and send you justification for it.
  • Send you a copy of the insurance contracted before the shoot
  • Notify us of any changes that may affect the availability of the property; for example, that you put it up for sale or rent it to a third party.
  • Let us know if changes are made to the interior or exterior of the property that affect its appearance, whether they are rehabilitation works, changes in decoration, etc. We would need to make a new photographic report to keep our database updated.
  • Once you accept all the agreed conditions for the production, you cannot withdraw or cancel the agreement, as this would cause great damage to the production company or agency in charge of the production.

The rates are very varied, depending on the type of production and the type of property: the same rate is not charged for a photo session as for a day of filming or for the organization of an event. In principle, you could receive an amount between €600 and €6,000 per working day.

Normally the productions do not last more than two days, but in film, television or event shoots, that period could be extended “always with the prior agreement of the owner”.

Any property serves in principle for a production. Our clients ask us for spaces of very different styles: offices, mansions, student flats, single-family homes, industrial buildings, restaurants, etc.

A space with personality will stand out among the other locations.

Minimum requirements:

  • A minimum space between 80 m2 and 100 m2 is needed for the production team to work comfortably.
  • On filming, it is necessary to have a nearby parking area for the trucks and the generator set.
  • In the case of filming with direct sound, it is essential that the property is not located in an area exposed to environmental noise: planes, heavy traffic, trains, etc.
  • Create an account as Owner. Within your account you can upload your properties
  • If you include photographs, we need the images to be horizontal and in JPG format. The size of each photo must not exceed 8 MB.

We recommend:

  • We need photos of both the exterior and interior of your property.
  • Photos should show an overview of the space. For best results, it is recommended to photograph rooms from the corners. The quality of the photos is important as it helps promote your property.

If you do not have good photos of your property, our photographer will make a report free of charge.

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